My Secret Love 

I think I’m in love with this guy

He may not be the most handsome guy I’ll ever meet but I like how cute he is

No one knows I’m falling for him

And no one knows I’m hoping he’ll notice me one day.

I guess this love is a hopeless case.

He has a girlfriend, a loooong time girlfriend.

Who loves him and takes care of him.

So why should I even dream to have a place in his heart? 

When his heart is already full of love for his girl. 

I don’t even think I can do what his girl is doing for him. 

I can love him in my own way.

Love that’s just enough to make him stay.

Love that’s just right to make him feel his worth. 

I can’t give him my “all”.

I can only give him “most” of me. 

I don’t want to ruin an ideal and strong relationship with this sh*t. 

I guess I have to trust what fate has to offer. 

If it’s meant to be, it will be. 

My secret love, Maybe we’ll be together when we’re better for each other.

When the time is right.

When your heart isn’t taken. 

When my heart is ready to love you fully and wholly. 

And when fate says we’re meant to be, it will be, we will be. ❤️


With You.

I want to watch the sunset with you and appreciate how great God is because of His beautiful creations. 

I want to share meals with you and simply enjoy the food we bought without thinking of how we’ll lose all the calories we ate. 

I want to have deep conversations with you at dawn while sitting in front of a bonfire. We could make roasted marshmallows too! 

I want to Pray with you. We could talk to God as long as we want to. In our happiest and lowest points in life. 

I want to conquer my fears with you. Let’s conquer our fears together. Hold each other’s hand in every adventure! 

Lastly, I want to walk down the aisle with no one else .. but you. I still have no idea when “YOU” will come or if “YOU” already came or who “YOU” are, but I want to make vows with you in front of God. Let’s love each other not forever, (forever is too cliché) let’s love each other for a lifetime instead. ❤️


Maybe because we always have that sense of “Hope” in everything.

We keep telling ourselves “Nothing is impossible.” 

We keep on convincing ourselves, “He might love me too, one day, someday.”

We love holding onto something “unsure”, something “uncertain”.

We love taking risks. 

We love hurting ourselves.

Wherein we can just move on and accept the fact that some people won’t love as the way we love them.

Some people won’t look at us the way we want them to.

Some people are not worth fighting for.

3 things we should do: 

ACCEPTANCE — Accept the fact that he can’t and won’t love you back even in your wildest dreams!

MOVING ON  — Move on! You still have a life to live (without him)! 

LETTING GO — Let go of all the pain you’ve felt. Let go of your love for him! 

My Ideal Love Story

I’m not looking for a perfect one. I just want something real, something true, something possible. Others may often wonder, “Why are you still single? Maybe your standards are too high.” I would just smile at them. Don’t ever get pressured by other people’s opinions. I don’t want to end up with a wrong relationship just because I don’t want to feel alone. Just because I’m the only single human being on earth. I don’t believe in standards. We can’t even choose the person we’ll fall in love with. One day, You will just wake up having that special feeling for someone you just met, or someone you’ve known for a long time. And we can’t control that, can we? Well, I believe the right person will come at the right time. The guy who might make you upset at times, but he will always make it up to you. The guy who’s not perfect, but he will really try to change for the better, for himself, for you, for your relationship. The guy who will love you without why’s, how’s, if’s, but’s.. or whatsoever. He will love you because you are “yourself”. The most important thing to remember? Learn to love yourself first before sharing your love to anyone else. Let me express this in Filipino .. “Huwag mong hayaang maubos ka dahil sa pagmamahal mo sa iba. Magtira ka rin para sa sarili mo.”

Tired of being tired

I got tired of trying to find a place in your heart
Because if I matter, I don’t even have to find my place
You’d readily give it to me..
I don’t want to look into your eyes
It’ll just hurt me deeply
I don’t want to see your smile
I’d only wish to be the reason of it
I want to hide myself and this feeling before it gets even worse.
It may be difficult for now
But in time, I’ll get wake up to the reality that we’re not meant for each other
That you’d be happier without my existence
Thay you’d have a bigger world if I don’t try to fit in it.
These too shall pass.
The awkward stares.
The forced smiles.
The pain in my chest.
I won’t wish that you’d realize my worth when it’s too late.
I wish you’d be happy, with a girl who’ll change you for the better.
With a girl, who’ll teach you how to trust again.
With a girl, who’ll hold onto you.
The girl who’ll never let go of you even in your worst and lowest points.
The girl you’ll never get tired of loving.
If I could only be that girl, but that’s impossible.