Tired of being tired

I got tired of trying to find a place in your heart
Because if I matter, I don’t even have to find my place
You’d readily give it to me..
I don’t want to look into your eyes
It’ll just hurt me deeply
I don’t want to see your smile
I’d only wish to be the reason of it
I want to hide myself and this feeling before it gets even worse.
It may be difficult for now
But in time, I’ll get wake up to the reality that we’re not meant for each other
That you’d be happier without my existence
Thay you’d have a bigger world if I don’t try to fit in it.
These too shall pass.
The awkward stares.
The forced smiles.
The pain in my chest.
I won’t wish that you’d realize my worth when it’s too late.
I wish you’d be happy, with a girl who’ll change you for the better.
With a girl, who’ll teach you how to trust again.
With a girl, who’ll hold onto you.
The girl who’ll never let go of you even in your worst and lowest points.
The girl you’ll never get tired of loving.
If I could only be that girl, but that’s impossible.


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