Maybe because we always have that sense of “Hope” in everything.

We keep telling ourselves “Nothing is impossible.” 

We keep on convincing ourselves, “He might love me too, one day, someday.”

We love holding onto something “unsure”, something “uncertain”.

We love taking risks. 

We love hurting ourselves.

Wherein we can just move on and accept the fact that some people won’t love as the way we love them.

Some people won’t look at us the way we want them to.

Some people are not worth fighting for.

3 things we should do: 

ACCEPTANCE — Accept the fact that he can’t and won’t love you back even in your wildest dreams!

MOVING ON  — Move on! You still have a life to live (without him)! 

LETTING GO — Let go of all the pain you’ve felt. Let go of your love for him! 


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