With You.

I want to watch the sunset with you and appreciate how great God is because of His beautiful creations. 

I want to share meals with you and simply enjoy the food we bought without thinking of how we’ll lose all the calories we ate. 

I want to have deep conversations with you at dawn while sitting in front of a bonfire. We could make roasted marshmallows too! 

I want to Pray with you. We could talk to God as long as we want to. In our happiest and lowest points in life. 

I want to conquer my fears with you. Let’s conquer our fears together. Hold each other’s hand in every adventure! 

Lastly, I want to walk down the aisle with no one else .. but you. I still have no idea when “YOU” will come or if “YOU” already came or who “YOU” are, but I want to make vows with you in front of God. Let’s love each other not forever, (forever is too cliché) let’s love each other for a lifetime instead. ❤️


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