My Acne Journey: An open letter to my boyfriend ❤️

How long did I pray for you?

How amazing is our God, He gave me more than what I expected.

He gave me you.

I met you when I felt invisible to most people.

I felt ugly, I felt criticized, I felt unnoticed.

You’re the only one who saw beyond my pimples.

You never failed to remind me that I am beautiful.

You always made me feel better.

Everytime I cry for the words of people that made me bleed inside, You helped stop the bleeding.

You helped me believe in myself again.

God is truly amazing.

He didn’t let me down.

He gave me you.

I know a lot of people struggled or still struggle because of acne.

Because of people who seem very insensitive with the things that they say.

Keep praying for strength and courage to face those people without anger.

I am of those few people who are blessed enough to have a guy who loves me for who I am.

Who loves me despite my imperfections.

Whenever I tell him “I am not perfect.” he would always answer “I am not perfect either.”

Let us value the people who love us, let us be grateful for them & show them love as well.

If you don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, You’ll always have your family.

My parents never got tired of listening to my rants, that I feel very ugly everytime I look at myself.

& That I want all my pimples to disappear.

To my boyfriend, no amount to thank yous, no amount of words will ever be enough for all the things you’ve done for me & for all the love you’ve made me feel.

If all people were like you My love, No one will ever have to suffer depression.

No one will ever have to feel ugly, feel down & feel invisible.

No one will ever have to cry at night & experience self pity.

Don’t let unkind words discourage you.

Don’t let negative people affect you.

Pray & it will be heard.

Our God is able.


My Acne Journey

Not everyone was blessed with flawless skin.

Unfortunately, Me and my siblings inherited “acne-prone” skin from our parents.

I didn’t have much acne back in highschool & even in my college years.

But after I graduated college, I started having these “cystic acne”.

They’ve become worse when I started my review for the board exam. I think stress made them worse.

I got really bothered.

One morning while I was walking, a fruit vendor passed by me and said “Bili na kayo nakakatanggal ng pimples.”

I felt offended and I felt so much pain in my chest at that moment.

That’s when I’ve decided to visit “dermcare” to have a diamond peel session and buy some of their anti-acne products.

Luckily, I’ve got much clearer skin after just one session.

But a year after, I started having acne again.

But this time much worse than my past breakouts.

And almost everyone else at work criticized me for having acne.

They were like “What happened to your skin?” “You have flawless skin before.” “What have you been doing to your face?” “What happened to your face?”

I’ve tried searching for ways on how to lessen and cure my acne.

I’ve tried using hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic products, organic products and such but none of these helped.

So, I’ve decided to visit a dermatologist this time.

She prescribed “isotretinoin”. A medicine for severe acne.

But, this medicine will take effect only after several months of taking it.

My dermatologist warned me about getting more breakouts while taking isotretinoin for the first 3-4 months.

But after 3-4 months, my skin will have minimal breakouts or none at all.

I took the risk.

It was not easy at all.

Everyday, I had to face all of these people looking at my face like they get really disgusted with my acne.

And I cried almost every night looking at myself in the mirror.

I prayed every night to have the strength to face all these people criticizing me everyday.

They had no idea how much confidence I lost because of their criticisms.

It almost felt like I had no confidence left at all.

I never go out without make up back then.

I even want to wear a mask everytime I go to work and everytime I go home.

I almost didn’t want to go out with my friends.

But I believe God made a way.

He made me regain my confidence when I met this “guy”—

And this guy is now my boyfriend.

He looked at me differently.

Beyond my acne and imperfections.

Whenever he stares at me, I feel like I’m the most beautiful woman on earth.

Thank God I met him.

Slowly, I started having clearer skin as I continue taking my meds.

And now, All that’s left are these “marks”.

And everytime I look at myself in the mirror, these marks still remind me of how people criticized me because of being imperfect.

And these also remind me of how a guy loved me despite my flaws.

He helped me gain all the confidence that I’ve lost before.

To everyone suffering from acne, Don’t lose hope.

It is normal to get offended by the opinion of others, but don’t let their opinion bring you down.

Those acne will soon heal, those marks will soon disappear but the lessons learned will never fade away.

Just remember that God created all of us unique and beautiful.

It only takes the right eyes & the right heart to appreciate our beauty. ❤️