Christmas Blues 

I believe as we grow older we get less excited about Christmas.

When we were kids we get pretty excited because of the presents and the Aguinaldo our Ninongs and Ninangs give us.

We get thrilled with Kris kringle and exchange gifts. 

But as we age we sometimes don’t feel that Christmas is approaching.

We get so busy with work and earning for a living. 

And We are already Ninongs and Ninangs which means we are obliged to give Aguinaldo and gifts to our inaanaks.

Funny how time flies.

I get a little upset thinking I have work on December 24th and 31st. 

Well, I guess that’s life. Being a hospital worker means sacrificing a holiday, a good night sleep and even a decent rest for patients who need ample health services.

I hope people also see these sacrifices and learn to be grateful for all hospital workers.. Nurses, Doctors, Medtechs, Radtechs and such.. 

However, Christmas is not just about the gifts, the holiday feast and the bountiful meals. 

It is commemorating the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

And that’s the best thing about Christmas.

Christmas is reminding us that no matter how hard life gets…

Christ is here to strengthen us and guide us. 

We are never alone. 

Emmanuel. (God with us) 

Merry Christmas everyone!