“John Lemon”

How do I start with this “John Lemon” story?

We were at BAGA Manila when we saw his friends who brought with them their cute dogs.

So he borrowed the dog for a while because it was sooooo darn cute!

We were playing with the dog when its tail hit the glass of “John Lemon”.

I tried to spare the glass from spilling, so when I tried to grab the glass, his hand also tried to grab the glass so we accidentally touched each other’s hand!

Can you imagine that?

Yes, I know this is a lame story to tell. 

But for me it was such a big deal.

My goodness. Seeing him play with the cute dog, my heart feels like melting inside.

How do I stare at him without falling in love? How? ❤️

How do I fall in love without getting hurt? How? ❤️