Happy birthday my Love

January 15..

For others, it will just be a typical day.

A Typical monday..

But for me, It is a day I will always be grateful for.

The day my Love was born.

Love, As you turn 22 today I can only pray for your happiness, strength and success in life.

Thank you my love for always being there for me.

For your never ending patience and love.

For loving me beyond my flaws and imperfections.

I remember those days when I cry almost every night because I felt so down.

I felt so ugly.

But you were there.

And you have always reminded me that I shouldn’t feel that way.

Because I am beautiful.

And yes, you made me feel beautiful.

You made me feel taken care of.

You made me feel loved.

Whenever you look at me.

I see the look of genuine love.

And it melts my heart inside.

I have never felt this way before.

And no one ever made me feel this way.

I’ve prayed for a guy who’ll love me.

But God blessed me with more than what I’ve prayed for.

A guy who would open doors for me.

A guy who picks me up at home or at work.

A guy I could visit churches with.

A guy I could pray with.

A guy I could hear mass with.

A guy who loves my family and friends like the way I do.

A guy who only comes once in this lifetime.

Happy Birthday My Blessing, My B, My love.

If I could only do more to make your day very special and memorable, I’d do it for sure.

I want to make you happy today love.

I want to make you feel loved in all ways that I can.

I love you so much, My love. ❤️


My Blessing and Surprise.

I still feel everything is surreal.

I fell in love with someone unexpectedly.

Or maybe I’ve fallen for him but I chose to ignore the feeling.


I’m not sure.

Maybe because I was too darn afraid to get hurt again.

For the nth time.

I was too afraid to be left hanging again.

I was too afraid to be judged by others.

Lastly, I was too focused with the idea of loving my close friend — who never saw me and never loved me in return.

I am but amazed how God made His way for Us — to fall in love with each other.

He showed me how nice you were.

How caring you were.

How loving you were to your friends and to your family.

I saw everything.

And still chose to ignore everything because I’ve always thought it will never work.

You’re just too nice for me.

You’re too gentle for me.

I’m too much of a brat — that nobody could ever handle my mood swings and attitude.

Surprisingly, you were able to handle everything — at my best and even at my worst.

You even saw me at my lowest point.

When I felt criticized, when I felt invisible, When I felt ugly because of my acne.

But you saw beyond what people usually see.

What people usually notice.

What people usually look at.

My imperfections.

My flaws.

You saw the beauty that nobody almost saw in me.

And I thank God for you, for helping me regain what I’ve lost — my self esteem.

My gratefulness always brings me into tears.

Because I’ve realized you are indeed God’s blessing.

You are an answered prayer.

You are a dream come true.

You are my happiness.

You make me a better person.

& You are one of my favorite Blessings.

I’ll never be ashamed to show how much I love you.

How much I want this relationship to work.

How much risks I’m willing to take.

Because I know this is worth it, we are worth it and you are worth it. ❤️

Bakit ikaw?

Minsan iniisip ko..

Kung bakit sa’yo nahulog ako..

Hindi ka nga perpekto..

Pero ikaw pa rin ang mahal ko..

Ni minsan hindi mo ako nakita..

At hindi ako sigurado kung ako ba’y iyong naaalala…

Ang hirap ng ganito..

Nagmamahal ng patago..

Walang kasiguraduhan.. 

Sugal ang nararamdaman.

Kung pwede lang turuan ang puso.

Matagal ko nang ginawa ito.

Kayhirap mong bitawan.

Kayhirap mong kalimutan.

Kahit wala naman tayong nakaraan.

Lagi kong dinadasal.

Na sana ikaw na ang bigay ng Maykapal.

At sana mapagod na rin ako.

Sa pagmamahal sa’yo.

At nang matigil na ang kagagahang ito.

Ayoko na ring umasa sa wala. 

Sakit lang ang laging napapala. 

“My Almost and Could have Been? I hope Not.” 

When we met I felt you were the one. 
The one who will give my life a different hue. 

The one who will make my mornings better than they were before. 

The one who will make me smile and laugh for sure.
Maybe I expected too much from you.

Everything I felt was too good to be true.

Or I guess I never should have expect anything from you.

For it only gave me hope that this dream of “us” will soon come true. 
I thought so it might lead into something romantic.

Everything that I felt was magic.

It came as a hurricane.

And destroyed me more than storms cause pain.
I never intended to bother you in any way.

I didn’t want to oblige you to talk to me everyday.

But I honestly prayed you’re here to stay.

And be with me till the end of day. 
Everyone asked if we have this special thing.

I could only smile and say nothing.

Because I honestly don’t know what we were.

Am I just a friend or is it something uncertain?
These feelings are something we couldn’t fake.

Maybe I was that risk you didn’t want to take.

And I was like a scar you’ve always hid.

Or A tear you never want to shed. 
Why didn’t you warn me before I fell?

I didn’t know that it will hurt like hell.

I want to get to know you well.

Your fears and awes to me you can always tell. 
I never want you to be my “almost”.

I constantly wished you’d be my “always.”

My “everytime” in this world full of “sometime”.

And not just my “could have been or would have been.”

Untitled feelings 

What should I feel?Why do I love you still?
Even if we’re together it seems like we’re apart.

Whatever I do I’ll never have your heart.
How do I get over this feeling? 

Thinking of you gives me trouble sleeping.
I kept loving you for two years now. 

It was a feeling I was too afraid to show.
I always want to spend time with you. 

And I’ll never get tired of loving you. 
You’re the best blessing God could ever give.

I wish that in my life you would never leave. 
Staring at you makes me fall in love more.

I hope you’re not closing your doors.
For a love that’s worth all the pain.

For a love that’s worth all the sacrifices. 

For a love that I’m willing to give. 
Even in my busiest days if it’s for you I will always find time.

No matter how tired I may get you turn my gray skies into sunshine. 

Can you just be mine? 
I have so many stories to tell.

If only to the world I could yell. 

With you I accidentally fell.
I saw how you sleep.

You’re like a baby dreaming so deep. 
I thank you for being such a gentleman.

When you knew I needed help you gently grabbed my hand.
Maybe you will forever be my surreal dream.

A dream I always pray for.

A dream I would want to come true.

We still don’t know what will happen.

You can fall for me or for someone else.

If we’re meant to be with each other.

Fate will make ways to help you realize that I will love you forever.

2 years is never enough.

We met in 2014. At first I thought you were not that friendly but I was wrong, you were the sweetest I’ve met. ❤️

I was a complete stranger to you but you welcomed me into your life and I was kinda hoping you welcomed me into your heart too.

We were both single at that time. And I seriously prayed that you’ll notice me. The typical girl you bump into almost every week.

But you didn’t see me. It seems that you weren’t ready to love yet. I was willing to wait though.

Comes 2015, I told you how I felt. And I wasn’t surprised, I was just a friend to you. You said, you appreciate everything and I felt that.

Few months after, I still hoped you’d like me too. But then I found out you fell for someone else. You were courting someone else.

It broke my heart. I was in tears that night. I saw in your eyes how much you love her. And how much you’re willing to sacrifice for her.

I never saw you look at me that way. And it broke me inside. I said I should accept the fact that you will never like me. I said I should move on.

2016 is about to end and I’m still here waiting for you to notice my existence in your life. Waiting for you to realize I am the right person for you. 

It hurts me still seeing that even if she broke your heart you still love her. I guess we’re even. You’ve been hurting me unintentionally for 2 years but I’m still in love with you. 

2 years is never enough for you to fall in love with me. I guess I am that hard love. Thank you for the friendship. I still hope it will turn into something deeper. A relationship I never want to let go of. A relationship I would want to last for a lifetime. ❤️

I love you even if I don’t say it.

I love you even if we feel awkward at times.

I love you even if you can’t look at me in the eyes.

I love you even if you don’t feel the same.

I love you even if it breaks my heart everyday.

I love you even if you love her more. 

I love you my love.. ❤️

“Bus Love story”

Kung merong Jeepney love story si Yeng Constantino, meron naman akong Bus love story.. 

Please don’t judge! Ngayon lang to promise! 

Monday is a busy day for most of us, lalo sa mga lumuluwas from their province to Manila. In my case, galing ako Pampanga pupunta ng Manila to get something I worked so hard for. Ang aking PRC license.

Syempre pinaghirapan ko yun, so kailangan kunin. Hahaha. Nagrereview palang ako para sa board exam naranasan ko na ang Monday madness sa pagsakay ng bus. Walang Monday na hindi standing papuntang Manila. Tama? Wala pa yatang Lunes na lumuwas ako at nakahanap ng mauupuan. In short, inexpect ko nang tatayo ako from San Fernando to Avenida. 

Hay! Sumakto pang umulan pagbaba ko ng jeep. At suot ko pang sapatos ay canvass, deretso sa medyas ang basa. Pag sineswerte ka nga naman! Nakita kong dumaan ang Bataan Transit na Avenida at nagtakbuhan ang mga tao papunta dun dahil sa biglang pagbuhos ng ulan. Ako naman, di ko na sinubukang tumakbo dahil baka madapa or madulas pa ako at lalong maiwanan ako ng bus. 

So, pagsakay ko ng bus. Ayos! Standing na! At di ko alam saan ako ppwesto. So ayun, nung dumaan sa Robinsons yung bus may mga ilan na bumaba. So medyo umasa akong may uupuan ako. Kaso yung mga lalaking kasabay ko, inunahan ako sa lahat ng upuan. Ang saya! Haha! Nang may isang mabakanteng upuan sa gawing likuran, May isang lalaki na tinuro yun at sinabing dun nalang ako maupo. Dahil ako lang yung babaeng nakatayo. Kaya lang, inunahan ako ng isa pang lalaki. Kaya nagreact siya “Yun lang!” Sabay ngiti. 

Naka-cap siya na nike, Naka-gray siya na shirt, Naka-vans na shoes at naka-Iphone. Noong una hindi ko masyado napansin ang kanyang mukha dahil wala akong salamin. Hahaha. Uy! Meron pa palang isang upuan, yung upuan na nilalagay sa aisle ng bus at sinabi niyang dun nalang daw ako maupo. 

So ayun, pag-upo ko sinuot ko kaagad yung salamin ko. Uy ha! Wag judgmental! Hindi ko sinuot yun para lang makita siya ng mas malinaw, kundi dahil masakit yung ulo ko pag hindi ko yun suot. Though syempre nakatulong yun para mas makita ko siya. Hahaha! Nung lumapit na yung kunduktor para mamigay ng ticket una siyang binigyan kasi nga nasa harapan ko siya. Tinanong siya “Estudyante po?” Nilabas niya yung ID niya at sobrang linaw ng mata ko, nakita ko “UST”. At nung ako na yung tingnan ng konduktor sabi ko “Avenida po”. Tinanong din ako, “Estudyante po?” at ang sagot ko. “Hindi po”. Naramdaman kong nagulat siya ng bahagya nung marinig niya yun.

Malamang iniisip niya na matanda nako. Hmm! Kainis! hahahaha! Habang nagbbyahe, hindi ko alam if nagffeeling lang ako or napapatingin siya sa akin. Or baka nagffeeling nga lang ako! Hahaha! Sorry na! Pero siguro naman napapalingon siya kahit konti! Grabe naman kayo! Hahaha! So ayun, pareho lang kami naka-headset buong byahe nakikinig ng music.

Gusto ko sanang pa-Thank you sakanya dahil imbis na siya yung umupo dun, ako pinaupo niya. Kaso nahihiya ako. So ayun, may biglang bumaba, so nakaupo na ako ng maayos. Ineexpect ko na uupo kaagad siya dun sa inupuan ko, kaso tinanong niya muna ako habang tinuturo yung upuan. Tumango nalang ako, saka siya umupo. at patuloy na nakinig ng music. Hahahaha! 

Gusto ko na siya kausapin, kaso wala pa rin ako lakas ng loob. Hahaha! Char. So hinayaan ko na lang. Nang may biglang bumaba ulit, dalawa! So umupo siya. Tumayo ako sa kinauupuan ko para umupo sa tabi niya para mas madali makababa at dahil gusto ko nga pa-Thank you. Kaso nahihiya pa din ako. Hanggang marealize ko na, malapit na bumaba. Edi nagkapal na ako ng mukha. Inhale, Exhale! Go! 

Ako :”Excuse me, pwedeng magtanong?” 

Siya: Ano po yun?

Ako: Taga UST ka ba? Hmm kasi gusto ko makarating kaagad sa PRC alam mo ba kung 

saan ako bababa at anong sasakyan ko papunta dun? 

Siya: Opo, bababa po dun sa may Goldilocks tapos magttricycle papuntang PRC. Sakto dun din naman po ang punta ko, sa may FEU. 

Okay, so ayun! Hahaha! Kapal ng mukha ko. My gosh! Sobrang nice niya, kaso nga lang nagpo-Po siya! So, porket nagwwork nako super tanda ko na? ganern?! Pero keri lang! Hahaha! So bumaba na nga kami! Pero promise! Di ko alam kung saan bababa! Gusto ko lang makarating kaagad! Ayun nga, pagbaba.

Ako: Hmm wala bang jeep papunta dun?

Siya: Wala po eh. Tricycle lang. Yun lang ang mahirap dito. Malayo naman kung lalakarin.

Ako: I’m so lost! Huhu

Siya: First time niyo po ba pupunta dun?

Ako: Hindi naman kaso, dati bumababa pa ako sa Avenida. Feeling ko napapalayo ako. 

Hanggang tinanong niya yung isang tricycle driver.

Siya: PRC po?

Tumango naman yung driver at nagback ride siya. 

Ako: Dito ka nalang sa loob.

Siya: Hindi po dito na lang ako. Okay lang ako dito.

*Guys syempre kawawa naman! Cutie niya tas mauusukan siya dun sa likod! Hahahaha! 

So ayun, siguro may 10 minutes din byahe namin papuntang PRC pero mas napabilis kesa kung bumaba ako sa Avenida. So pagbaba, agad niyang inabot yung 100 pesos niya dun sa driver. Kaso habang kausap niya yung kaibigan niya. Sabi ng driver “Wala po kayong barya?” Sumagot ako, “Magkano po ba?” 60 daw, so binayaran ko na habang busy siya. Binalik ko sakanya yung 100. 

Siya: Ha, Magkano po? Wala kasi akong barya, papalit ko lang muna dito tapos bayaran ko kayo.

Ako: Nako hindi na. Okay na.

Siya: Hindi po babayaran ko. O kaya bilhan ko nalang kayo ng inumin dito. Please.

Ako: *Nakikita kong nagblush siya sa hiya* Hindi na okay lang talaga. Okay na yun. At least di ako naligaw.

Siya: Hmm. Sige po. Thank you!

Ako: Thank you rin!


Ayun guys! THE END! Nganga ang ending. Ayos ba? HAHAHAHAHA! 🙂